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In NUMBER 3, we look at the human body knowing that it is impossible to dissociate the interrelation between brain, muscles and joints. And that any of these parts influences the others.

As a starting point, we developed a careful analysis of the physical condition of each student, seeking to know the reasons that led them to think about training and possible physical complaints – such as temporary or chronic pain – to establish a work plan appropriate to their rehabilitation and / or physical development.

We are not guided by protocols or pre-designed programs based on number of loads or repetitions; our premise is the quality of the performance, the joint amplitudes and the duration of the exercises, which should always be adequate to improve the daily physical capacities of those who request our help, always respecting their comfort and safety.

We want our students to leave NUMBER 3 more functional and more satisfied. Improved mobility and performance, increased muscle mass, loss of fat mass and increased strength will thus be the result of empowering one’s individual abilities and the natural consequences of working together with a personal trainer.

NUMBER 3 training is a relentless quest to improve our students.

Our modus operandi comprises the fulfillment of three distinct and complementary components:

Physical Evaluation

Our programs are constructed according to an evaluation process that analyzes a set of variables, such as, clinical history, sports course, body composition, joint mobility (identify movement dysfunctions) and availability for training.


The person is the center of the whole process.

Our methodology is based on the integration of knowledge from different areas, namely neurosciences, musculoskeletal physiology, biomechanics and physics. With the integration of these multiple subjects and based on the brain-muscles-bones equation, the exercises are developed according to the capabilities of each individual.


Our coaching method relates training, nutrition and lifestyle, fostering healthy lifestyle habits and encouraging the adoption of positive behaviors.

We share knowledge that makes our guests more autonomous in their daily choices.